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Beginning in April 2021, OGS Design & Construction (D&C) is implementing the use of Infotech’s Bid Express® service ( for a new “Electronic Plan Room.” Prospective bidders and other interested parties will be able to use the plan room to view and download bid documents for upcoming construction projects.
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Bid Documents Available
Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
46095 C E P  Provide Structural Repairs 03/29/23  Albany
    Sheridan Hollow Parking Facility
47256 C H  Replace Roofs 03/29/23  Broome
    Region 9 Binghamton MH
45999 Rehabilitate Electrical System, A, B, C & D Blocks 03/29/23  Clinton
    Clinton CF
47379 C E H  Provide Above Ground Hot Water System, Boiler & Controls 03/29/23  Clinton
    Altona CF
44774 C E H P  Expand Arsenal, Building No. 1 & Replace Perimeter Security Controls 03/29/23  Erie
    Collins CF
M3181 Provide Structural Repairs, Basement & Sub-Basement 03/29/23  Kings
    S Chisholm State OB
45390 C E  Upgrade Generator & Switchgear 03/29/23  Oneida
    Mohawk CF
Q1853 Replace Floors & Install Equipment, Phase 2, Food Production Facility, Building No. 144 03/29/23  Rockland
    Cook Chill Production Center
45180 C E H  Replace Windows, Building 9 03/29/23  Washington
    Great Meadow CF
47315 Provide Snow Guards, Roof Repairs and Masonry Repointing 04/05/23  Albany
    New York State Capitol
Q1823 Replace Sidewalks, Buildings 1-9 04/05/23  Chemung
    Elmira PC
Q1771 Decommission Wastewater Treatment Plant 04/05/23  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
47318 C E  Provide Salt Storage 04/05/23  Erie
    Region 5 Collins
47088 C E H  Provide Plaza Deck Waterproofing, Resurfacing & Landscaping 04/05/23  New York
    New York PI
47148 Replace Concrete Terrazzo 04/12/23  Albany
    GNARESP Concourse
47319 C E  Provide Salt Storage Buildings, Horsehead & Watkins Glen 04/12/23  Chemung
    Region 6 Horseheads
47321 C E  Provide Salt Storage Buildings – Bainbridge & Horton 04/12/23  Delaware
    Region 9, Various Counties
47262 C E  Rehabilitate Roads & Sidewalks, South Campus, Phase 4, Buildings 67, 68, 74, & 100 04/12/23  Queens
    Creedmoor PC
44855 Provide New Vehicle Bridge, Control Tower and Demo Existing Bridge 04/12/23  Westchester
    Sing Sing CF
45673 Repair Leaks, 7th & 9th Floor Terraces 04/19/23  Albany
    GNARESP Cultural Ed Ctr
47332 Replace Penthouse Roof, Building 22 04/19/23  Albany
    State OB Campus
47335 C E  Provide Salt Storage Building 04/19/23  Greene
    Region 1 Cairo
47043 Replace Sally Port Doors 9B, 10B & 11B, Building 102 04/19/23  New York
    Manhattan PC
47311 Repair Stair Towers, Building 40 04/19/23  Queens
    Creedmoor PC, North Campus
47205 E H  Repair / Replace Chiller 04/19/23  Tompkins
    Finger Lakes RC
45957 C E H P  Renovate 41st Floor 04/26/23  Albany
    GNARESP Corning Tower

How to Acquire Bid Documents

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