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Electronic Bidding will be available for solicitations bidding after June 1st, 2023, through Infotech’s Bid Express® Service.
In order to bid projects online:
  1) It is necessary to establish an Infotech® Digital ID with Bid Express. The Infotech Digital ID application may take up to seven business days to complete. Log into Bid Express:
  2) An electronic bid bond furnished by a Bid Express approved bonding service is required for an electronic bid. Register using one of the links below and refer to documentation on Bid Express or the bonding service site for guidelines.
 Register for Surety2000
 Register for Tinubu
(Note: There is no fee to register or submit a bid using Bid Express, however there is an annual fee for the required bonding service).
If there are any questions, please contact Bid Express Customer Support at 888-352-2439 or; or OGS Design & Construction at 518-474-0203 or
Refer to Bid Submission Guidelines for additional information.
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How to Acquire Bid Documents
Design & Construction
Bid Documents Available
Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
47192 Repair Underground Infrastructure 06/07/23  Albany
    State OB Campus
47034 Provide Walk-In Freezer, Building 106 06/07/23  New York
    Manhattan PC
M3169 C E H P  Repair Entrances / Exits Buildings 1, 2 & 4 06/07/23  Oneida
    Mid State CF
47190 C E  Provide Salt Storage Building 06/07/23  Onondaga
    Region 3 Lafayette
47322 C E  Provide Salt Storage Building 06/14/23  Dutchess
    Region 8 Wassaic
46020 C E H  Replace Roofs, Buildings 1 & 20 06/14/23  Essex
    Adirondack CF
47242 C E  Replace Handicap Ramp, Buildings 19 & 20 06/14/23  Suffolk
    Pilgrim PC
Q1840 Inspect & Repair Fuel Tank #1 & 2, Powerhouse 06/21/23  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
47450 Repair/Replace Pavement 06/21/23  Richmond
    Staten Island Armory
47436 E H  Provide HVAC & Energy Efficiency Improvements 06/21/23  Saratoga
    NYS Military Museum and Veterans Research Center
46053 C E H P  Rehabilitate Nurses Station, Building 81 & 82 06/21/23  Suffolk
    Pilgrim PC
Q1833 E H  Replace HVAC System, Building 502 06/21/23  Westchester
    Camp Smith Training Site
47452 E H  Replace Chiller & Cooling Tower, Headquarters Building 06/28/23  Albany
    DMNA Headquarters
47496 Provide Lead Mitigation, Firing Range 06/28/23  Chautauqua
    Dunkirk Armory
47313 Provide Improvements Dam and Locks 06/28/23  Franklin
    Saranac Lake Upper Locks
46096 C E  Upgrade Security System, Storefront & Doors 06/28/23  Onondaga
    Onondaga Nation School
47352 C E H P  Rehabilitate Locker Rooms & Latrines 06/28/23  Queens
    Whitestone Armory

How to Acquire Bid Documents

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