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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 11/21/2023 to 2/21/2024

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
47267-E Orleans CF O'Connell Electric Company2/9/2024 $2,017,677
47267-C Orleans CF Burgio & Campofelice, Inc.2/9/2024 $6,222,280
M3184-C Elmira PC, Geneva CR Kascon LLC2/5/2024 $294,700
47315-C New York State Capitol Structural Preservation Systems, LLC2/1/2024 $3,772,915
47391-P Homer Folks Facility Upstate Companies I, LLC1/31/2024 $163,746
47391-H Homer Folks Facility A. Treffeisen & Sons, LLC1/31/2024 $31,398
47391-E Homer Folks Facility Stilsing Electric, Inc.1/31/2024 $92,441
47391-C Homer Folks Facility Upstate Companies I, LLC1/31/2024 $949,500
M3143-U Auburn CF Bison Elevator Service, Inc.1/25/2024 $2,533,192
M3143-P Auburn CF Michael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.1/25/2024 $73,475
M3143-H Auburn CF AN Curtiss Company, Inc dba Wilkins Mechanical1/25/2024 $75,410
M3143-E Auburn CF Upstate Companies I, LLC1/25/2024 $394,000
M3143-C Auburn CF Bouley Associates Inc.1/25/2024 $1,347,200
M3193-C Greene CF New Britain Roofing Co., Inc.1/11/2024 $1,027,570
47530-C GNARESP Sharan Builders, Inc.1/9/2024 $5,000,000
47266-E Upstate CF Weydman Electric, Inc.1/9/2024 $3,228,347
47266-C Upstate CF Con Tech Building Systems, Inc.1/9/2024 $18,689,538
47378-E 328 State St Schenectady Hardware & Electric Co., Inc.12/29/2023 $1,094,752
47202-E Highland RC Hudson Valley Electrical Construction Mngmt. Inc. 12/29/2023 $148,873
47202-C Highland RC TAM Enterprises, Inc. aka A + Sewer12/29/2023 $1,396,980
47275-H Industry Limited Secure Center Michael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.12/20/2023 $2,917,400
47275-E Industry Limited Secure Center Erie Electric Corporation12/20/2023 $201,525
M3162-C Kingsboro PC Rk Best Construction Inc12/19/2023 $777,786
47101-C Albion CF Titan Roofing, Inc.12/18/2023 $405,900
45974-E State OB Campus DLC Electric LLC12/6/2023 $3,507,330
46191-H Taconic CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.12/1/2023 $758,036
46191-E Taconic CF Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.12/1/2023 $12,098,810
46191-C Taconic CF Prime Contracting Services, Inc.12/1/2023 $301,383
47474-E Hudson Valley Transportation Management Center Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.11/28/2023 $1,659,352
47425-C Sagamore CPC Intricate Tech Solutions Ltd11/22/2023 $614,211
47311-C Creedmoor PC, North Campus SAI Services, Inc.11/22/2023 $1,294,455

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