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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 12/27/2022 to 3/27/2023

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
M3185-E Hutchings PC Knapp Electric, Inc.3/22/2023 $89,300
M3185-H Hutchings PC John W. Danforth Company3/22/2023 $1,597,015
47191-C Dulles State OB KS CONSTRUCTION OF NY INC.3/20/2023 $2,257,000
47303-C NYS Fairgrounds Boland's Excavating & Topsoil3/17/2023 $934,094
47303-E NYS Fairgrounds Weydman Electric, Inc.3/17/2023 $224,900
M3155-C Auburn CF Burgio & Campofelice, Inc.3/14/2023 $453,363
46177-C Region 1 Hudson Falls Plank LLC3/9/2023 $1,870,000
46177-E Region 1 Hudson Falls Flex Electric LLC3/9/2023 $309,000
46177-H Region 1 Hudson Falls Stants Capital Combustion Llc3/9/2023 $98,180
46177-P Region 1 Hudson Falls Michael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.3/9/2023 $246,998
47466-C Mt McGregor CF Equip-Co Unlimited of NY LLC2/24/2023 $208,888
47363-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.2/24/2023 $1,000,000
47367-P Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.2/24/2023 $500,000
47467-C Ogdensburg CF Equip-Co Unlimited of NY LLC2/22/2023 $346,988
47469-C Willard Drug Treatment Center Reliance Fence Company, Inc.2/22/2023 $174,450
47063-C Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Bette & Cring, LLC2/21/2023 $11,069,576
47063-E Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Flex Electric LLC2/21/2023 $2,433,678
47063-H Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Crisafulli Bros. Plbg. & Htg. Contr., Inc.2/21/2023 $1,548,000
47063-P Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Crisafulli Bros. Plbg. & Htg. Contr., Inc.2/21/2023 $1,100,000
44830-E Mohawk CF Patricia Electric, Inc.2/16/2023 $19,775,000
47368-C Service Contract Kircher Construction, Inc.2/16/2023 $1,000,000
47361-E Service Contract Mac Fhionnghaile & Sons Electrical Contracting Inc.2/15/2023 $1,000,000
47365-P Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.2/14/2023 $500,000
47339-C Region 5 Lockport MH Park Lane Construction, LLC2/9/2023 $587,362
47339-E Region 5 Lockport MH CIR Electrical Construction Corp.2/9/2023 $59,660
46087-C Brookwood SC Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.2/7/2023 $2,064,000
46087-E Brookwood SC Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.2/7/2023 $4,248,407
46087-H Brookwood SC S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/7/2023 $1,231,221
46087-P Brookwood SC S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/7/2023 $311,244
47200-C NYS Police Ray Brook Luck Bros. Inc.1/30/2023 $1,767,767
47074-C Binghamton State OB Boland's Excavating & Topsoil1/25/2023 $1,933,778
46247-C Edgecombe CF J-Cole Construction Co., Inc.1/24/2023 $926,255
M3124-C Green Haven CF Titan Roofing, Inc.1/20/2023 $1,551,800
M3124-E Green Haven CF O'Connell Electric Company1/20/2023 $75,988
M3124-H Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.1/20/2023 $383,966
M3171-H Elmira CF AN Curtiss Company, Inc dba Wilkins Mechanical1/20/2023 $602,615
47042-E Sheridan Ave Steam Plant Dynamic Electrical Systems LLC1/17/2023 $26,839
47042-H Sheridan Ave Steam Plant DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/17/2023 $733,000
47197-E Albany Training Academy Lacorte Companies, Inc.1/4/2023 $48,765
47197-H Albany Training Academy DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/4/2023 $484,484

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